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Returning to NWN Diamond after YEARS. What server do you play on and why?
Hello everyone ,,
I would like to second the recommendation for EE particularly through steam. Workshop integration is really very convenient. There are a couple of PVP servers out and about though they don't always seem to be very balanced.

Classic RP servers are around, as well as a boatload of new ones as per usual.

I'm partial to action servers. As an odd recommendation, my group has really been enjoying the Italian / English server. I can't remember the name, but I believe it's the only one. It is going on in a different way.Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate
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This is a localized (Italian) "FULL RP" persistent world running on Neverwinter Nights "2" , named just like on top of this page: Racconti delle Valli.
If you want to try our server you should probably be able to roleplay in our language.
"I live...AGAIN!"
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I'm sorry, but as Ivor said, this is an Italian server. You should play with our language. 

At this link you will find a list of international servers that you may find useful

Bye bye and have a nice day! <3 
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Althimara Halvanthlarr
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This is an Italian RPG Server of NWN2, it's a Shard of Faerun called Racconti delle Valli.

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